Similan islands tour guide

Similan islands

What is Similan islands famous for?

Similan Islands is widely known for its fine talcum-like beach sands, clear sky blue waters, coral reefs, lush limestone rocks, and dense woody forest. Together, these features create a scenic environment that is beyond breathtaking.

The Similan islands is a must-visit destination for tourists around Phuket, Khao Lak, and Krabi. However, for individuals who love nature walks, diving, or snorkeling, a trip to the Similan islands is a dreamy experience. Picture taking a swim in crystal-clear warm waters that are filled with colorful aquatic life or hiking in a woody forest with lush vegetation. Any of these activities can quickly become a memorable experience that will always bring smiles to your face.

Where is Similan islands located

Depending on your location, the Similan islands can be a 50km – 120 km journey. From Phuket, the Similan islands are located approximately 120km northwest, whereas it lies 50 km west of Khao Lak. 

How many islands in Similan islands

Seven small islands make up the Similan islands archipelago. They include Koh Similan, Koh Miang, Koh Ha, Koh Payu, Koh Bangu, Koh Bon, and Koh Tacha. The islands are tropical and have a vast ecosystem of marine life in their pristine waters. 

Most of the islands in the Similan archipelago are uninhabited save for one. The Thai government protects the entire archipelago because of its national and tourist value. As a result, you won’t find heavy human activity on the island. Its natural essence is preserved for tourists and Thai citizens looking to take a step back in time to enjoy nature.

When is the best time to visit the Similan islands?

To experience the island in its picturesque glory, you should visit between mid-October and mid-May. During this time, the islands are open to visitors, and the weather is perfect for underwater exploration or a hangout on the beach. That said, if diving and snorkeling are the main activities you want to experience in this haven, you should visit between December and March. During this time, the water is calm and clear. So you would have a better experience underwater. 

Where to stay in Similan Islands? 

As stated earlier, the Similan islands have little human activity. So you won’t find a lot of amenities on the island. Unless you are prepared for Stone Age living in small huts/bungalows or boat life, the best way to experience Similan islands is through daily tours from a nearby mainland. 

Phuket and Khao Lak are the closest cities to Similan Islands. From any of these locations, you can order a tour service that will provide you with transportation to and from the islands.

Some tour services, such as, also offer feeding, snorkeling tour, trail tour, and diving tour. However, these extra activities come at an additional cost. 

 What to do at Similan Islands

There is no shortage of fun at this natural paradise. You can participate in any of these fun activities – snorkeling, diving, beach walks, forest exploration, mountain climbing, swimming, and beach hangouts.

The list of fun activities is endless. You can add your favorite nature activity to the list. After all, fun is very personal. Your idea of fun could be basking under the sun and sipping fresh coconut water, which is just fine.

That said, each island on the Similan archipelago is unique for a particular activity. 

Which Similan island is best for snorkeling? 

Snorkeling is a great activity for exploring the sea bed, and the Similan Islands have some of the best sea beds around the world. It’s pristine clear waters, and colorful aquatic life make snorkeling a must. The best islands for snorkeling include:

Koh Payu – aptly named the snorkel spot, the crystal clear waters and bubbling sea life make it a destination for snorkelers. 

Koh Similan – Koh Similan is arguably the most beautiful island in the Similan archipelago. The island has turquoise waters, reefs, and a lively aqua life that make snorkeling thrilling. 

Koh bangu – this is a diving haven with a large reef to make snorkeling an underwater adventure. You can explore the famous breakfast reef called arch Bend here. 

Ko Ha – The clear blue waters and colorful coral reefs make Ko Ha’s water irresistible. The water is deep and has a visibility of up to 50 meters. If you are a fine snorkeler, there is a world of coral Reefs and mermaid statues to explore in Ko Ha’s turquoise water.  

Which Similan island is best for diving

Diving is one of the activities to try in the Similan Islands. Most of the islands have high spots overlooking deep waters. That said, the best Similan islands for diving include:

Koh Bangu – this emerald island takes top position for the best island for diving in the Similan archipelago. The water is deep, clear, and safe. There is no way you can resist taking a plunge. 

If you are an experienced diver, make sure you try the Christmas point and Turtle rock dive spots. 

Koh Bon – this is the last of the Similan islands, and It is just as enticing as the other Similan islands. Koh Bon has exhilarating diving spots and deep clear waters that make diving fun and safe. 

You will also find a boisterous aquatic life in its waters. Leopard sharks and white sharks are a common sight here. If you visit during April – May look out for Whale sharks that love to visit the island. 

Similan island beach

Which Similan island has the best beaches

This is a hard pick as all 7 islands in the Similan archipelago have great beaches. However, Koh Similan stands out for its extensive powder-white beach sands. It is the perfect spot for laid back relaxation with a beautiful ocean view. 

Koh Bon – this island deserves mention for its pristine white beaches sand that stretches for kilometers. You can’t go wrong if you choose this island as your nesting spot, diving or hiking joint. 

Koh Miang – arguably the grandest of all the Similan Islands, Koh Miang has some of the most beautiful bays in the world, honeymoon, and princess.

The soft white sands, blue water, and green woody forest backdrop make Ko Miang a spectacle to behold.

The best activity for this location is relaxation on the beaches. When you are done Basking in the sun, you can take a walk through the dense green forest. 

How to get to Similan Islands from Phuket

As an island surrounded by water, the only way to reach the shores of Similan islands from Phuket is through a boat ride – approximately 1.5 hours. 

You will find a slew of boat operators offering different boat ride packages. However, the best route to getting quality transport and also enjoying the company of fellow tourists is by booking a tour guide. 

Islander offers one of the best services out there and at a competitive rate too.

How to get to Similan islands from Krabi

From Krabi, the journey to the Similan islands is quite long. Your trip may take you through Phuket before boarding a boat. That said, it is recommended to make a brief stop at Phuket or Khao Lak to reduce the time you will spend to the 

How to get to Similan Islands from Khao Lak

Visiting the Similan Islands from Khao Lak takes approximately 1-2 hours. Depending on your budget, you can hire a private boat, book a ferry ride or yacht for the trip. Whatever choice you make, you can get great offers on 

Top 4 reasons to visit Similan islands 

– Diving: On the Similan islands, nature offers its version of a springboard and landing pad with a formation of high rocks and deep water. The view is irresistible, and you can’t help but think about diving into the water from one of the points. If you are a diving enthusiast, then you must make your way to this nature paradise 

– Snorkeling – the deep crystalline water, beautiful coral reefs, and boisterous aquatic life on the Similan islands is the perfect setting for snorkeling. If you are with a group of friends, snorkeling can become an underwater exploration. Most tour operators provide this activity; however, it comes at an extra cost. 

– Beach hangout- Your experience of the Similan Islands will be incomplete if you don’t moor up on the super-soft sands. Most of the islands have good vegetation to provide excellent shade, and the water is always cold for a swim. 

Hiking – if you enjoy walking and wandering in nature, the dense forests on Similan islands boosts of a vibrant ecosystem that will give you a thrilling experience. Local tour guides lead hiking expeditions, so be sure you are making the trip with a local tour guide. 

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